Drawing Robot for Kid Teaches Children to Draw

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  • Learning Robot writes and draws as he teaches pre-readers to do the same! By demonstrating the correct way to write letters and encouraging kids to follow along, Quincy promotes literacy, improves letter recognition and formation and strengthens memory.
  • Little ones will have a blast holding letter tiles in front of Quincy’s robotic eye, then listening as he talks through how to write that letter! They’ll learn simple drawings too as they follow along on their dry erase board. What a fun way to learn writing and drawing!
  • Kids do well learning through play, a point Quincy proves all too well. Early readers will have so much fun playing games and following along with Quincy’s lighthearted instructions, they won’t even realize they’re learning important life skills!
  • The Robot makes a great birthday gift or Christmas present for pre-reader children and is also a wonderful addition to your preschool curriculum. What a great way to delight students as they learn!


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