Outdoor Camping Gas Stove with Storage Bag

outdoor camping gas stove



Foldable Storage Design:

The bucket-shaped design of this stove allows for convenient folding into a compact space, ensuring easy storage and portability. When fully extended, it provides sturdy support for pots and stoves, offering both versatility and convenience.

Safety Features:

The butane stove is equipped with an electronic ignition switch and an adjustable knob for precise firepower adjustment. The anti-leakage design ensures safe usage. The switch prevents closure when the butane gas tank is not installed, and a magnetic overpressure protection valve automatically cuts off the gas supply if the pressure in the fuel canister becomes too high, enhancing safety.

Easy Setup:

Setting up the stove is a breeze with its automatic locking device. Simply open the cover, rotate the body to a 90-degree angle, place the butane tank, and open the trivet support. The operation is straightforward, convenient, and swift.


outdoor camping gas stove

outdoor camping gas stove

outdoor camping gas stove

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