A Portable Wood-Burning Camping Stove With a Fire Poker


**This stove has an opening cooktop design. This allows both flat & round- bottomed pots & kissers
. This design doesn’t press the honey & allows the fire to burn more. This unique design can satisfier all your out-of-door requirements! similar as stalking, camping, fishing, hiking, fun and games, BBQ,etc.
LARGE Energy CHAMBER The Camping Wood Stove 45 degrees inclined bay makes it easier for you to add energy into the furnace. This design also allows the wood cookstove to hold further wood. The lid on the energy chamber is suitable to close after adding outgrowths or branches. This way, the dears don’t eject from the energy chamber. You can find the accoutrements to fuel this wood- burning cookstove far and wide! similar as outgrowths, leaves, branches, sticks.

**HIGH effectiveness The rocket cookstove wood burning has malleable 360 degrees rateable air bay harborage. You can acclimate the air bay harborage to insure the quantum of fire you need. You can also take out the ashes from the energy burning through this air bay harborage. This way, your field & deck sundeck won’t damage from heat.

**MULTIPURPOSE Cookstove The legs of this movable wood cookstove are your choices grounded on the terrain. When you’re using this rocket cookstove on flat & solid ground. The movable wood- burning cookstove can stand without installing the legs. But, when you’re using this rocket cookstove on lawn & other soft shells.

**Movable AND COMPACT We’ve designed sturdy side handles and movable handles for this bitsy wood cookstove. So it’s easier and further cloister for you to move it around.


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