Magic Color Changing Lazy Lipstick

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The lip shape lipstick imitates the lip design and is suitable for most lip shapes. You can finish your makeup by gently sipping your lip, then it can quickly color your mouth and save your time, specially designed for lazy people.

The set has two types of color changing effects. You only need to wait a few minutes to get your desired and natural lip color. Wait for five minutes after your application, then wipe the color off the surface of the lips with wet towel, the color it presents is waterproof, sweat-proof, non-sticky, durable and does not easy to fade, which allows you to maintain a perfect lip makeup throughout the day.

This magic lipstick contains healthy and moisturizing ingredients, which are mild and non irritating, helping to soothe lips, effectively nourish lips skin, and brings a comfortable, moisturizing and silky feel without drying your lips.


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